Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Use your photos....

You've hired the photographer, she's taken your picture. You are please with her work, then what? Use what she has made available to you. Personlize everything. These invitations for a bridal shower are far more interesting than the ones from Hallmark. They develop interest in the day to come, and peek the interest of the attendees. Most digital photographers can help you create an invitation, or take your images to a graphics business. I've known of siblings in junior high with a limited understanding of photoshop that can pull this off.

Pretty is as pretty does...

I just had to share this photo, Brittney will probably kill me. But it's the reminder to "have fun". Pictures are not video, but they don't have to be stiff and planned and predictable. Mix it up. Let the real you shine through.
For just one moment in time, every bride is a princess.

Make sure you "use" the light to your advantage. The veil looks brillant in this shot because it's "lit" from behind. The veil frames the bride and draws your attention to her. Which is as it should be. gives us a fairy tale.

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us fairy tale. It's that time and season when brides and grooms look loving at each other and ocassionally at the camera so I can catch a great shot to be used for engagment announcements.
When I'm asked, what should I wear? Should it be formal? Should it be casual? I always answer, it should be comfortable. Unless you are a professional model you are not used to being in front of the camera for an hour. If you dress comfortably, the awkward phase doesn't last as long.

Thanks to Cody and Brittney for allowing me to capture these photographs for them. It was a pretty cold day and they pulled it off with there warm smiles.