Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In memory of...

This is a picture of Terry Paskins, my father-in-law. He has been gone for 1 year today. I took this picture 4 or 5 years ago. He was horsing around in front of the camera and I warned him that I would place this picture in his obituary, he just posed more. My mother-in-law overroad my picture choice and placed a lovely glamour shot of Terry in a suit, with soft lighting and a slight blur to hide some of the signs of aging. Even today as I reflect on his influence in our lives, I am preparing a talk for the funeral of my grandmother. She was 92. A lot of living happens in 92 years and she saw many amazing advancements in her lifetime. Her mother died when she was 14 of a burst appendix, what a tragedy, and so preventable and cureable today. As always, I am grateful for the blessings I enjoy. So hug someone you love today, and don't take even one moment for granted. Because even after 92 years a death can be sudden and unexpected.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

If you are partial to red heads....

It's no secret that I support my red hair with color from a box. I've been doing it for so long that most people wouldn't recognize me any other way. I am a little envious of Sara. That's her natural color. Isn't it kind of funny that people with curly hair wish for straight and straight haired folks all pine for curly? The best part is we are all different. It's what we have that is unique that sets us apart. So congratulations Sara for graduating high school! Always be proud of those things that set you apart and allow others to recognize how special you are.

Planning or Serendipity?

So in the world of photography, Ansel Adams is a well-known landscape artist. He took pictures with real film cameras back in the day of black and white. It's reported that he would spend a year watching for just the right light and composition of clouds before creating his master pieces. He paid attention to the details of light, angle of the sun etc. I take pictures in the moment. These bridals were taken on a less that calm day, we gave up on the veil because we couldn't anchor it tight enough to the brides head (left my stapler at home, dang it). So we took advantage of the movement and highlighted all the layers of the brides dress. Notice she's grinning ear to ear? Better than crying, that just gets mascara dripped on a perfect white dress. So I don't fault Ansel Adams, I just choose different methods and work within the elements that I am granted. So as for planning, I choose the spontaneous, creative, surprise. Every out take can be made artistic with the right presentation.

In Fairness to Peyton

So this is what a happy baby looks like. I shared Peyton's moment of angst earlier because it was just so precious and it felt so real. But this is Peyton when she doesn't have to hold a feather boa. Years ago I had the fortune to raise a teenager and a toddler in my home at the same time. I learned some very valuable lessons about children. Truthfully, a teenager and a toddler have pretty much the same motivations. (Not unlike, men and 14 year old boys, but that's a topic for another blog) Both a teen and a toddler...1) think the sun rises and sets with them. 2) They want what they want when they want it, and it's usually right now! and 3) Just about every crisis, even a broken heart can be cured with food, especially if that food includes sugar and caffeine. So now you can see why my children often remind me that I don't have a "mother badge", something about my lack of nurturing skills. But hey, 3 of the 4 have grown to adulthood and the 4th is a work in progress.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The rest of the cookbook....

So this is the rough draft of what the interior of the cookbook will look like. I really appreciate everyone helping out by bringing all the "little victims" to my home during a rainstorm to make these pictures happen. Selection of pictures were just a matter of serendipity and which file I had open at the time. Please don't be offended if your little one didn't make the cover. It's all for a good cause, buy plenty of copies to give to the grandparents of each of the models. I'm telling you there can be no better gift. Many happy returns. ;D

When you create a cookbook for a fundraiser....

So guess what I just learned? I can only download 5 pictures of this size at a time. Check the post just above to see the beginning chapters of the cookbook. The NICU will use the funds from the sale of this cookbook to purchase different parent gifts and things not covered by insurance. It helps to defray the cost of the NICU Reunion that all past NICU graduates and their families can attend free of charge. So if you are looking for that great universal gift that you can have on hand for everybody, this would be it, and you get great pictures too!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Have you ever had one of those days?????

Doesn't this picture just make you smile? The emotion is so raw and so real and we've all had days like that. You know those days when your hair won't curl, your 10 minutes late to an appointment so they make you reschedule but you know they will expect you to wait an hour the next time you get there. It's that feeling in your gut when you first realize you are driving on a flat tire. Oh, to be young again when the ease of our problems were handled by someone else. Someone else that would rescue us, remove our sadness and make everything right with the world again. So three cheers to mothers and fathers everywhere. Enjoy your power while they are young. And never reveal that most all of the world's ills can be improved if you eat enough chocolate.