Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When looking back projects your forward...

I'm fascinated with reflections. In fact someday I want to take a whole series of pictures of reflections. I love the rear view mirror, it does something magical to where you have just been. It softens the lines and makes the valleys appear less low. Our lives are much like reflections, sometimes we focus so much on what "has been" that we can't fully embrace "what is". I think we all make plans for our future and dream of what will be. My caution is that we don't only focus on the future but enjoy the journey right where we are. We can all relate to stories of loved ones who scrimped and saved for that rainy day, but the rainy day never came because some tragic reality interrupted their plans. The fact of the matter is that none of us has complete control over our lives. We can't completely factor in divorce, sickness, death, all those tragic things that change what we planned. So don't wait until tomorrow to live your life. Today may be the day that you look back and reflect, "that was the last time that we....". Go out today and make a memory!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ever wonder what makes a good picture, great? It's the story that it tells. Catalog everything that you see. Notice the line that obeys the "rule of thirds" across the lower third? It's the dead tree limb that cuts the composition in thirds across the bottom, see where the parents are posed? That's the vertical line of thirds. Notice how the children are more in focus? Check out the contrast created by the fall leaves and bare tree limbs. See how the tree limb separates the 2 stories? And look at the great smiles. So how many stories could you find?

White at weddings, baptisms and with cloudy skies...

These pictures are all edited to appear hand-colored. This application downplays the colors you are wearing and allows your pictures to blend with any decor. The top picture of mother and son is one of my personal favorites. I would title it... "JOY" and I'm not sure whose joy is more apparent, that of the infant or of his mother. When choosing what to wear for pictures remember that white is a reflective color and if you are under sun exposure you could be blinded by the reflection. Fortunately, we had beautiful lofty clouds, which by the way is the most prefered by outdoor photographers.

What is the max number of pictures you can use in an announcement?

Remember those old commercial cartoons where the wise old owl asks,"how many licks to get to the tootsie roll center of a roll pop?" He'd take one lick and then crunch it with his beak. The answer being only one. This announcement template uses far more than one. The design was selected by the bride and the pictures were chosen to demonstrate the different interests and emotions of the happy couple. And yes, in case you are wondering, he did ask the bride more than once.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And that's not all...

I had only 2 viable days to take engagement pictures before the groom returned to Alaska, the weather only semi-cooperated but here's another selection of 4 to choose from. When I played this game with my other daughter 6 years ago, we never did decide, we chose our favorites and let people pick their own announcement when they attended bridal showers and open houses. I'm thinking we may go with that option this time as well.

So many choices....

So my usual practice is to select a half dozen images or so and compile 2 or 3 templates for the bride and groom to select their photo invitations from. I felt a little uncomfortable with this practice since I took some of the creative freedom away from the couples. I learned a very valuable lesson, this bride lives at my house and the truth is she is done making choices. She picked her groom and she really cares very little about all the other choices. So somebody help me out and pick your favorite background for Kat's announcements. And in the future I will probably continue with my practice of making most of the creative decisions myself, with the ability to tweak a picture here or there as the bride and groom desire.