Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Better than traditional school pictures, don't you think?

I just really love shooting people. I love to capture an elusive grin and sparkle in the eye. Not every day is a good day for the photographer or the person she is photographing but magic can happen when you get up, dress up and show up. We can be our own worst enemies, stealing away special opportunites because we just don't wanna. So if you need to get past the hard stuff, imagine "In five years, will this matter?" Usually the answer is no, so laugh at yourself and keep on moving. Besides growing old beats the alternative. (Dying young).

Advice for seniors....

Seniors remind me of the genie from Aladdin. They are a study in contrasts, the genie had ultimate power and a little tiny living space. Seniors earn for ultimate freedom from rules and chores and expectations and they are bound to get it. With ultimate freedom comes responsibility for self, college, car payments, food, rent. It just underscores the fact that freedom is never free. To seniors everywhere may I suggest that you never be afraid to try something new. Amateurs built the Ark, professionals build the Titanic. Go figure. I want to ride on the one that floats.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What happens when you add trains to boys....

This family opted for a more urban look for their family pictures. It was a nice blend of semi-formal (notice the ties) with the casual spirit of the family. My biggest challenge was getting them to hold still. The boys were in perpetual motion. If you are looking for a unique blend of brickwork and train engines then check out Union Station in Ogden. It makes great backgrounds.

Are boys and girls different? shoot?

Eureka! I've discovered the absolute true difference between boys and girls. A girl will prepare to have her picture taken, she will select an "outfit", get her hair done, make sure her make-up is in place and that her jewelry matches. A boy will show up and wonder, "how long is this going to take?" A girl will pose and primp and ask, "can we try a picture over here? and here? and there?" A boy will say, "you already have a picture of me, are my eyes open? Then were good to go." A girl has an idea of what she wants her picture to "say". A boy prefers that his picture is silent and just hangs on the wall. A girl will relax in front of the camera and take posing suggestions. A boy will pose only if it gets him closer to the get away car. I've also discovered why girls take better pictures than boys...because they want to!

Monday, October 12, 2009

To Photoshop or not to Photoshop...did Shakespeare have to be concerned with this?

Truthfully, I do "tweak" the images a little bit. I'll remove a hair, maybe brighten some teeth, exchange eyes that are opened for eyes that are closed. But editing has it's limitations. If you forget to take your glasses off then your picture will have glasses on. Can photoshop edit them out, yes with considerable time and effort, way more than you taking the time to take them off in the first place. Photoshop comes in very handy though when you have several similiar images and you just want everyone looking at the camera in "one". Heads shot in the same lighting become very adjustable. I love sibling group shots because you can "prove" they liked each other "once upon a time". Love is a living thing, share it so it can grow.

Age is just the number of candles on your birthday cake!

This is Phoebe Fournier, she is an independent consultant and national vice president for Arbonne and this is the fun we had when "Bear" joined us during her photo shoot. Phoebe got more than just "head shots" and we had a great time. I'm a fan of the FC5 hydrating cleanser + freshener. I like it because it smells great, does the job and I don't have to use a second toner. Does that make me economical with my time or lazy? Who knows? Phoebe would love to help you select a skin care product or ten as well. You can contact her at 801-782-5222. Don't let life's moments pass you by, make a memory today!