Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What about trains and little boys?

I love repeat business. It's the best. The subject, (you) already knows the photographer, (me) and we know how each other works. I know when you get nervous in front of the camera your shoulders rise towards your ears. Most of my clients, maybe not you, are directionally challenged and get confused with turn left and right, so I remember to point or nod in the direction that I mean. And after all half of the time I mean my right which would be your left so I probably create the confusion. But even better than that, if you have chosen me to be your photographer again, it's the highest form of compliment. The product you received from one of my photo sessions was one that you wanted to repeat. Thank you and tell all your friends. Well, not all your friends, just the ones you like.

Nothing sweeter than a little girl....

I love to "colorize" photos. It came in really handy with these little girls. Mom was a little concerned that her choice of color sort of clashed with theirs. No worries, we just change the tone and make everyone blend. It also gives that feeling of timelessness. The collars are different and the texture is modern but the feeling is reminiscent of photographs of times gone by. And that's what a photograph should be, a memory. A little slice of time preserved and cherished. Call me, let's cherish someone you love. Okay, I agree, let's wait until it stops snowing.

Thank you!!! Technology....

As I mentioned before, it's snowing outside. It's cold out there, but I have a new furnace and shelter and access to the internet, so I don't care. I can manipulate my pictures in photoshop or download songs to my mp3 all within the comfort of my home and never be bored. Technology sometimes gets a bad rap and I will concede it's not all good. So choose the "better part" and avoid the rest. It's all about choices. Stay bundled up, be well and think of me enjoying some hot coacoa in about a half hour. Yum.

The healing power of time....

I think it only fitting that I mention time when posting these pictures. 1) It's been over a year since I took them. And 2) I haven't posted in a very long time. I've always been aware that I either have time to blog or time to take pictures. Today, with the snowing falling in inches, except for the one or two families waiting to take "snow" pictures, my calendar shoud be free for a little while. Having just Survived the holidays (I used the big S for a reason), I am pondering universal acceptance and unconditional love. That's what families are supposed to teach us. So if you have a family member that treats you badly and is unkind, what then? The best part of time is knowing it's 12 months until the next holiday season. If you can't be kind to your family members, then treat them the way you do your friends. There will be more smiles and far less tears.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The following comments are NO reflection on your pictures...Carolyn

With my disclaimer in place...(the following "rant" has nothing to do with the pictures posted). My husband turned 50 this year. He's so pleased that I announced it here. (By the way, I am MUCH younger than he is) In any case, nearing a half decade makes you pause and consider all the things you have done in your life and all the things still to do. You may consider taking the opportunity to make a list of things that you would like to accomplish BEFORE you kick the "bucket". However, in my usual fashion I would rather consider my "un-Bucket List". These are things that I will gladly forgo before the end of my life. 1) Giving up chocolate. 2) Running a marathon, seriously. THe only reason to run is if you are being chased. And then you should only run if you don't want to be caught, otherwise walking is sufficient. 3) Run for political office. Who needs the scrutiny? I'm too honest. I will tell you where the bodies are buried and who is in my closet. 4) Hike Mt. Everest. I have similiar feelings about hiking as I do about running. 5) Be called grandma. I do have grandchildren, but at their birth I offered their parents 2 options. I would consider grandma only if it was preceded by "sexy" otherwise they could call me "duchess". Duchess stuck, I wonder, does that mean I'm not sexy? In any case, don't be shy. Tell me what is on your "un-bucket list".

In defense of PDA

So the current hot topic at area junior highs is "public display of affection" and they are totally against it. I'm not in favor of teenagers "sucking face" while leaning against their lockers. However, the definition of PDA includes hugging and high fives. I can almost appreciate the hugging, because next it leads to sucking face, right? However hugging will be tolerated if say the basketball team has just won the state championship, what? EIther let the kids hug or don't. Hugging only permitted at sports events seems like a double standard right? I geuss I yearn for a simpler time when hugging wasn't offensive between two willing and consenting persons. Now as for high fives, really? I've never wanted to "suck face" with anyone following a high five. High fives just don't put me in that kind of mood. So what do you think?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In another year....

I do alot of repeat business. I watch braces go on. I watch braces come off. It's very satisfying to get that repeat business. It means it wasn't such a terrible experiance the first time around and you don't mind trying it out again. Taylor and Abby refused regular school pictures this year. They wanted me to take their pictures, instead. Thanks, Taylor and Abby I hope you like them, and should we plan for next year?

grAtitude with the big "A"

THis being November I'm thinking of all the many blessings that are mine. I have running water and when I flip the switch the lights go on and I don't need to know anything about electricity. I have my health and everyone in my extended family is healthy as well. Really and truly it doesn't get any better than this. Family is so important. I'm nearing the empty nest portion of my life when things should slow down and your commitments should be fewer (or so I've been told) but my life is even fuller with new opportunities to be important in someone's life. The tapestry that we weave is a complex series of threads and knots that bind many generations together. The things that mean the most to another person may not be the things you think about the most but the things that you do the most. Make a memory with someone today!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An investment vs. a fee....

In checking out the competition my eyes have been opened as to what photograpy can cost. Yikes! I heard of "friend discounts" that are well above my fee schedule. So here goes, I charge a different fee per service based on how many heads I may have to swap, how much editing I may have to do and what finished product you desire. For example, for family photography my fee that includes the CD and copyright release begins at $50. What does $50 include? Up to 3 persons, for each additional person add $10. So do the math. Back to school pictures? $50 minimum that includes up to 2. This includes multiple poses and up to one clothing change. Senior portrait package for high school seniors is $60 this includes the CD etc. 2 clothing changes and 2-3 collage pictures with your school and class of graduation written on for enclosure with your announcements. I will add a location fee of $20 if it is outside my "normal" shooting area. And large extended family groupings start at $150 an hour and I will shoot all the groups, individuals that I can in the amount of time that you choose. Reasonable? yes?

Why do they pretend that "pressure" isn't painful?

In an effort to keep my pictures current, I have decided that there is not much more in the way of good photographic advice that I can give. In order to get good pictures, you have to have good pictures taken, be relaxed, wear comfortable clothes and have fun. That being said, I am puzzled by health care professionals that tell you to expect a little "pressure" when what they really mean is they are about to purposely do something that will cause you pain. Today, I replaced my temporary crown with a permanent one. Yeah, you can see where I am going with this already can't you? So when my dental professional (who does a very good job and who I like very much-consider that the fine print) forced a foreign object up to my gum line (my crown) and pressed with all of his might into the top of my head. It felt like he was using the sole of his combat boots to grind it into my head, but no (I looked) he was only applying "pressure". Look, pressure is what turns coal into diamonds so it is not a little thing. Looking back, the only other health care professional that ever reported pain as pressure was my OB/GYN. It went something like this... "you will feel a little pressure as the head is delivered." Really, sherlock? As a I pass an infant the size of a virginia ham through an opening the size of a small orange I may feel some "pressure". Interesting that I have never had a female health care professional describe pain as pressure, don't you think?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Consider a wardrobe change...

Want multiple looks from your photography session? Then bring a change of clothes. These pictures were taken at one location but have two very different "feels". And don't forget to take the "mom and dad" shot. It's often forgotten. Although, your children may not cherish the memory today, I promise in the future it will mean alot to them. Pictures are memories trapped under glass. Get out and trap your own today. P. S. Can you tell I'm trying to catch up my blogging? For all five of you that follow me, whew, I'm nearly done.

Think outside the box....

Photograpy is all about the lines that draw your eye. Backgrounds should support your subject not overpower them. I'm often asked about location. I'm open to locations in and around Weber and Box Elder County. It might be your backyard, a local park, a wilderness trail or an abandoned building. Just work it. I love the line of the stairs behind the mom and son. And I'm a sucker for brick patterns. THank you down-town Ogden.

Just sounding off about the consequences of your actions...

The beauty about authoring a blog is you have your very own soap box. You can sound off about whatever you want. Plus if you post great pictures of someone's kids, people will come to your blog. THey may not read but they will look. So here's my message. Not every consequence of an action is negative. For years environmentalist prevented the building of the legacy highway. It was too close to marshes and wetlands. It would destroy habitat for nesting birds. After countless legal battles and enormous court fees were paid, the Legacy Highway was built. And did the birds suffer as predicted, as feared? No. They flourished and why? Because the Legacy Highway evened the odds between predator and prey. The raccoon population that feasted on bird eggs couldn't cross the highway without being reduced to a series of roadkill speed bumps. Now before I'm accused of being a raccoon hater, which I'm not. It's just the consequence of the highway. Unfortunately, the raccoon doesn't have an environmental group to champion it's survival. So now should we address caribou and the Alaska pipeline? The heat from the pipeline has provided warm shelter (it's above ground). Go figure. Do something nice for someone so they can wonder waht you're up to.

Not your everyday school "mug-shot"

I've often wondered why we allow our children to have their pictures taken as if they were cattle. They heard them into the cafeteria, line them up, sit them all on the very same chair in front of the very same background and take one shot. Really, even basketball players get two free-throws. There is the hope of "re-takes" where they repeat the same behavior that got the first bad picture. The fastest way to make yourself crazy is to do the same thing you have already done and expect a different outcome. So think outside the box and use your surroundings. Encourage your children to play and have fun so their natural beauty can shine through. Happy back to school! (that's for every stay at home mother that just survived a very long summer.)