Saturday, May 30, 2009

Joy sparkles from a young couple in love. Brides are radiant and fun to photograph as you help them channel their "inner princess".

This is my amazing, brilliant, gorgeous daughter. And this is proof she graduated from High School. She carried a 4.0 for 4 years (think extra-credit), she got a 30 on her A.C.T. (can't fake that), and she has a full ride University scholarship (many kudos) But there are many things that public education didn't teach her.

1) OBO is not a brand of computer like Dell, gateway, samsung etc. even though it is frequently listed that way in classified ads.

2) Peanut butter mixed with coolwhip is NOT a food group. (Yes, great metabolism is wasted on the young.

3) No matter how fashionable, a graduation gown should not be worn with the zipper down the back.

They also didn't teach her that Taft was the 26th president and don't kid yourself, I didn't remember that from High School either. I used it in a crossword and googled to confirm. :D

Monday, May 25, 2009

Whew! Thanks to the help of my good friend, Jennifer, this is up and running with music and a slideshow and everything. This has been exceptionally challenging for the non-computer geek in me. I've been very anxious to get these pictures up and loaded for Meagan and her soon to be groom Garrett. They span several cities and states. Meagan is near Provo, Garrett is in Ogden, Meagan's family recently moved to Washington state and her dad frequently commutes to California. What a blessing the web can be to keep us all feeling like we belong to the same "village".

Anytime you photograph a family group of more than 6 there is at least one person who is only there due to threat of punishment. Natalie claimed that only 2 members of her family wanted to be there. Can you find the other 9?