Saturday, February 8, 2014

A book I created to celebrate my grandson Eli

I love to take pictures and I love to create gifts. At the request of my 5 year old grandson, he wanted a book like his brother got a couple of years ago. I hope he enjoys this story about Heros and little boys and mostly about himself.
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Saturday, February 1, 2014

I confess, I read alot!

As many of you know I'm a closet writer, which means I'm an even bigger reader than I think anyone suspects. I've had a great opportunity to become a reviewer for a bunch of authors. This markedly saves my pocketbook and helps feed my insatiable urge to read. The other great thing is that I am exploring genre's that I might otherwise ignore. I'm really becoming a fan of the novella. They're short, brief escapes and adventures into another place and time that you can finish in an afternoon in between other projects. And when you find several authors packaged together you can sip lightly before deciding if you want the date to go beyond drinks to dinner. 

This is a collection of 6 novellas that share 3 things…European locations, romance and period of time.
War of Hearts by Annette Lyon involves train rides and frozen landscapes. A young reporter, Anna, seeks the relative comfort of a War zone in Finland to distract her from her broken heart.
The Earl of Oaksey Takes a wife by G.G. Vandagriff  Through a series of misunderstandings newlyweds  Lady Melissa Burroughs and Lord Thomas Burroughs set up housekeeping at 2 separate addresses. Each pines miserably for the other but neither has the skills to cross the chasm in their new relationship.
Gift of Love by Michele Paige Holmes. In Northern England in 1760 Ethan Moorleigh is beset with bad luck having lost 2 wives to untimely deaths. When Mary does not survive childbirth the total  expands to 3. Having a young daughter to care for is overwhelming until Amelia leaves her life at the Abbey. The mystery that surrounds the deaths of his first three wives is solved when Ethan saves Amelia.
A Lesson in Love by Sarah M. Eden pits Reed’s expectation for the social season against the hopes of his wife, Lucy. A matter of courting becomes a matter of war when all the wives in the family side with Lucy and the men with Reed. As pawns they are both miserable.
An Ocean Away by Heather B. Moore. Mr. Edmund H. Donaldson can not believe his eyes when he witnesses Gina Graydon scaling down the wall from her balcony at dawn. Embarrassed to be caught reading novels in the garden, Gina begins to have “kissing fantasies” about the handsome Edmund, only to learn that her father is suing him.
When in Venice by Nancy Campbell Allen finds spinster Evangeline Stuart, age 21, languishing at the horrible treatment of her evil Step father and obnoxious twin step-sisters. Enter Europe’s most eligible bachelor, his brothers, and an art exhibit to add diversity. In a single day Evangeline tours Venice by foot and gondola and finds herself bruised, gagged and locked in a closet.
Each story is complete on it’s own and provides just the right length of escape. I’m not normally drawn to period romances but found it difficult to pick my favorite in this bunch. The best part is you are coming to know a variety of authors and will be able to check out all of their other books.  I would definitely recommend this collection as a gift or for you own reading pleasure.