Saturday, May 30, 2009

This is my amazing, brilliant, gorgeous daughter. And this is proof she graduated from High School. She carried a 4.0 for 4 years (think extra-credit), she got a 30 on her A.C.T. (can't fake that), and she has a full ride University scholarship (many kudos) But there are many things that public education didn't teach her.

1) OBO is not a brand of computer like Dell, gateway, samsung etc. even though it is frequently listed that way in classified ads.

2) Peanut butter mixed with coolwhip is NOT a food group. (Yes, great metabolism is wasted on the young.

3) No matter how fashionable, a graduation gown should not be worn with the zipper down the back.

They also didn't teach her that Taft was the 26th president and don't kid yourself, I didn't remember that from High School either. I used it in a crossword and googled to confirm. :D

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The Slaughter 5 said...

I knew I liked Emily, but I didn't know she was that SMART! Must have a good mom! Oh, and I LOVE the necklace you're wearing. :)