Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to school Portrait Special

What do all these children have in common? They all posed for "school pictures". "School pictures" record a memory of how your child looked in any given year. The school offers this to school age children in the fall and sometimes again in the spring. They are conveniant, you send your child to school (hoping their hair will still be combed after recess) where they are photographed "herd style" one after another, one shot only. Hope you like it. Then you have to purchase a "package". There is a fail safe if you don't like their picture. It's called "retakes". The pictures are again taken "herd style" and you get one more shot at having a great picture to remember this school year by. This may work for many of you, and I'm thrilled for you if it does. If, however, on the other hand you or your child grimace at the thought of "school pictures" the traditional way, allow me to offer an alternative. All children age 0-18 years are welcome to participate. On Saturday September 26, 2009 I will be photographing children at Lomond View Nursery (304 W. Pleasant View Dr.) from 9 am- noon. The first child in any given family will cost $30, and each additional sibling will cost only $10 more. (All family photographs will be on one CD.) Each child may have up to one clothing change if desired. You will have more than one option/pose of each of your children and I will even photograph them as a group if you desire. You then take your CD to any printer you desire and create your very own "package" with prints in the number and sizes that you choose. So if you are tired of the "one size must fit all" provided by your school, call this number #801-737-1303 and asked to be scheduled for the portrait special. Want to participate but Saturday Sept. 26th doesn't work for you? You may choose to book a family session where I will also take individuals of each of your children or hook up with a couple of neighbors that also have children needing their school picture taken and we will set up a private appt. that is more conveniant for you. Call #801-737-1303, ask for Lisa and I will be happy to answer your questions.

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