Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Are boys and girls different?..to shoot?

Eureka! I've discovered the absolute true difference between boys and girls. A girl will prepare to have her picture taken, she will select an "outfit", get her hair done, make sure her make-up is in place and that her jewelry matches. A boy will show up and wonder, "how long is this going to take?" A girl will pose and primp and ask, "can we try a picture over here? and here? and there?" A boy will say, "you already have a picture of me, are my eyes open? Then were good to go." A girl has an idea of what she wants her picture to "say". A boy prefers that his picture is silent and just hangs on the wall. A girl will relax in front of the camera and take posing suggestions. A boy will pose only if it gets him closer to the get away car. I've also discovered why girls take better pictures than boys...because they want to!

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