Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Details, details, details....

I'm often asked about how to prepare for a bridal shoot. So here's my top suggestions. Practice your hair, your makeup, even your smile. Can you pull off a solemn look? Do you even want too? Plan out your details, your jewelry, your hair up, your hair down, what kind of flowers you want to hold. And I always encourage a veil, at least for pictures. It can be a very effective prop for showing mood, emotions etc.
Also, plan for some fun. What makes your bridal session uniquely yours? Unlike any other brides? Other than your face above the white dress? Heather chose to have her picture done at the fire station because her honey is a firefighter. She also chose an vintage car museum because they share a love for old automobiles. What do you share with your fiance? The possibilities are could be motorcycles, tennis, soccer, an NFL football team. Think outside the traditional box and create a picture keepsake of something that is individually you.

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Cam said...

The EXPERIENCE of having bridal photos taken isn't just about the pictures. Weddings are a time of change in the family, a very emotional time for the Bride, her Mom and the women in her family. Lisa was so very sensitive to the emotions of this experience. The entire event is a memory I'll treasure as one of the growing up time in the life of my Little Girl. Barb Bouwhuis