Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When looking back projects your forward...

I'm fascinated with reflections. In fact someday I want to take a whole series of pictures of reflections. I love the rear view mirror, it does something magical to where you have just been. It softens the lines and makes the valleys appear less low. Our lives are much like reflections, sometimes we focus so much on what "has been" that we can't fully embrace "what is". I think we all make plans for our future and dream of what will be. My caution is that we don't only focus on the future but enjoy the journey right where we are. We can all relate to stories of loved ones who scrimped and saved for that rainy day, but the rainy day never came because some tragic reality interrupted their plans. The fact of the matter is that none of us has complete control over our lives. We can't completely factor in divorce, sickness, death, all those tragic things that change what we planned. So don't wait until tomorrow to live your life. Today may be the day that you look back and reflect, "that was the last time that we....". Go out today and make a memory!

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