Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Mint" to be loved.

Holidays are full of things that you love. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, (maybe one more LOVE) all things mint. I bathe in it. Wash my hair in it. Scent my sheets with it. And above all else love to eat it.  I'm a bit of a mint snob, spearmint will not do. I LOVE the bad boy peppermint. At our house we make "Idle Isle" chocolates. For the lay public these are maple flavored centers dipped in chocolote (preferable dark, I'm a snob there as well) and rolled in chopped toasted almonds. Not so at my house, we flavor the centers.... you guessed it! With mint and then we dip in chocolate but we roll it in crushed up candy canes. Yes, I admit it's an addiction.

There are many things to wait for at Christmas time but I wait for the stocking of the shelves at my local grocery store. I used to hover to grab the first box of cherry chocolates. I only allowed myself one and I had to make it last the whole season. (The box, not the individual chocolates) But then my taste buds matured and they started marketing chocolate covered blueberries. Really? So I gave up the whole fruit centered thing and just searched out mint, and more mint. Again, I try to limit myself to one box or bag of something each year. What do you wait for every year? How many do you limit yourself too?

My all time favorite is Hershey's mint truffle kisses. They come in the dark green bag and they are stinking hard to find. Supposedly, my husband has hid one here at my home but I'm starting to think he just wants a thorough housecleaning because once I find a dustbunny I have to adopt it out of my house with the vacuum.
My son-in-law, Chad introduced me to these bad boys this year.
They are a very good second. So grab yourself a bag of mint M&M's and compare them to Hershey's mint truffle kisses and let me know what you think. This is not a paid advertisment of any kind but if either Hershey's or if the MARS distribution company would like to send me a case of either, that would be fine!!!
And if I can get them for free I may have more than one bag this season. Anyone know a good gym?

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Georgia said...

We can be mint and dark chocolate snobs together. I LOVE both (preferably together) too! I've had the M & Ms, but not the truffles. Maybe we need to invest in one of those truffle-sniffing pigs? We could share him back and forth or perhaps pen him somewhere between our houses (at Barb Tew's house?).