Friday, January 18, 2013

Resolutions for 2013

Thanks for being patient as I came to grips with my areas of needed improvement. Due to the fact that considering the whole year at one time is far too many days for me, I'm instead going to choose a resolution for each month. Heads up my nutrition goals will be focused on in February because there are only 28 days.
Enough said, January for me was about organizing my thoughts, and making some decisions. With the loss of my mother last year and all the things requiring my attention to care for her estate, I found myself really struggling to make decisions. I didn't want to select dinner, dress myself (good thing I'm a nurse and wear the same thing to work everyday) or choose which toilet paper or toothpaste we needed. It was a real state of debillitation.
Enter January and these are the decisions I have contributed to this month. I hired a wardrobe consultant. Without my daughters at home, my husband and son allow me to leave the home looking like a butterfly has barfed on me. I'm not shy about color, but I'm not terribly selective either and cater to the theory if one color pallette is good then so is three.
I made decisions about a kitchen remodel. I was asked more questions to remodel my one kitchen then I remembered answering for 2 full house builds, both custom. I selected counter tops. This weekend I will select hardware and posts.
And we are changing up the flooring. My husband is a big help, here he is refinishing the hardwood entryway.

 This is the finished product. It will be ready for traffic in 2 weeks.
Now onto the other projects. We are removing the 16 year old carpet and replacing it with hardwood. I use the term "we" very loosely as I'm not lifting a finger. Mostly, I create the plan and encourage my husband to follow through. Chivalry is not dead at my home.

When I return from work tonight, there will be a few hardwood slats where there once was carpet. It will be like magic. When we get into the middle of the kitchen cabinets there will be wiring issues, and plumbing issues and painting issues. So stay tuned. And I feel really comfortable with saying I completed my January resolution. I did make decisions.


Georgia said...

Tony is a marvel, as are you! That entry floor if fabulous! Hard wood through the family room will be glorious. I can't wait to see your complete remodel. Maybe we can party or book club at your house when you are all finished.

I've always completely admired how you dress. You are daring with color and it always pays off. What is this butterfly barfing thing? You are hilarious, but you always look gorgeous in your wardrobe. Perhaps you could send your consultant down to my house to go through all my black and gray clothes and give me a fresh new start.

Anita Preece said...

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa! Seriously, you are a sharp dresser. You always look nice. I am the one who needs the wardrobe consultant. Wow--what a remodeling project! I can't wait to see the finished product.