Saturday, April 13, 2013

So I've been away from blogging for a minute or two because I am preparing for my trip to China. I leave in 5 days, yikes! Everyone assumes I'm much further along in the packing process than I actually am. So far, I have underwear, my passport and cash. I'm not kidding. My work life has been crazy and I'm still recovering from our recent remodel. I did sneak a trip to the Tulip Festival in though.

Every year I make plans to get to Lehi to Thanksgiving Point. Once I made it before they opened for the season. This year, I got there on the very first day and it's been cold and wet, so the tulips are a little slow. They'll be better next week, but I will be in Hong Kong.
This is a fun shot I took, standing on a bench on a ledge with my camera extended as far above my head as my arm would reach. Cool huh?
So I went to take pictures of flowers but the Koi were more attractive. I ended up taking 4 fish pictures for every 1 flower shot. I'm a sucker for the opportunity. But answer me this, are Koi a form of carp because they have those little feeler things at the side of their gaping mouths.
Another reason I had to visit the Tulip Festival was to practice taking distance pictures with my new traveling buddy. My daughter Kaytie sent this from Alaska for me to take to China, kind of like the lawn ornaments that get kidnapped and returned after they take an exotic trip. Thank you Kaytie for not selecting something as heavy as a gnome.
Here we are checking out the waterfall.

The meandering creek. And of course the flower bed.
When I return I will post pictures of "Where's ________?" (Sorry, the peacock is nameless so far, any suggestions?) And you can all guess as to my whereabouts, because someone had to be holding the camera.

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Anita Preece said...

Okay, the next time you go to the tulip festival, take me! I have always wanted to go! The pictures are beautiful!