Monday, March 31, 2014

This book is a treasure and should be in every woman's home.

Anyone following me, will remember that I recently started reviewing books. My contact person is author Heather B. Moore so most of my reading is some how related to her. Without a doubt and no contest, this has been my favorite book to review. I've posted at goodreads, amazon, deseret book and seagull book and you can obtain a copy at all of these places. This is the book you will want to get every woman in your tribe. It will celebrate all of her divine qualities and help her recognize all of her superpowers even when she isn't wearing a cape.

Divinity of Women
By Heather B. Moore & S, Kent Brown
In short, I loved this book, I loved the art-work and I loved the message. This is a book that should be in the home of every woman, so that she can recognize how far reaching her influence may be.
By reviewing women of scripture we can find a path way to becoming women of faith. This book is a treasure that celebrates the influence of women throughout ancient times. Some women of scripture used their power and influence for good and saved nations like Queen Esther, And others like Jezebel become synonymous with evil and wanton influence.
 This book has amazing art work that is soothing and beautiful. No matter the day you are having you can find the story of an ancient woman and see her example so that you can be uplifted. These women faced lives with severe trial and found joy. When making bad choices they suffered sorrow and personal destruction. And each woman made an enormous difference in the welfare of her family members.
Few women will find their contributions listed in great volumes of scripture but it doesn’t lessen the influence we each have, whether we be married, widowed, sisters, aunts, mothers, or daughters.
Reading this book will reaffirm that the Lord is mindful of us.

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