Saturday, April 19, 2014

Down the rabbit hole with "monkeys"

So I've decided I don't quite get the whole moderation thing. When I'm "in", I'm all "in" to the the exclusion of most everything else. I fixate and become some what unreachable. I also get overwhelmed by the width of most projects I take on. It was January, it was cold and dreary and I wanted to bring some color into my life. My friend, Patty made sock monkeys for all of her grandkids for Christmas. I have grandkids! They must need monkeys too. And thus began an adventure of stuffing, and random threads that is still taking over my living room. Check it out.
 All sock monkeys start out innocently enough as one pair of furry socks. One sock is the body and the other sock is cannibalized to make the nose, ears, arms and tail.
Here are some sock bodies waiting to be added too.
This is the first monkey I gave away. My co-worker, Amy had just graduated from nursing school so her monkey wears a nursing cap and name tag.
This is when it became apparent that I had a problem that might require a 12 step program to resolve.
These are the monkeys that went to Missouri to live with my grandsons.

These three "girl" monkeys all went to work to celebrate new babies of my co-workers. Mandee is having her first girl after already having 2 sons. The boys were not excited to have a sister. They finally said it would be okay...but "no dolls" mom. So she got a monkey instead.
Since monkeys only went to those having babies, a few of my friends felt left out. These two went home to Morgan for Easter for Angie's kids.
 These will bring smiles to Carolyn's kids. You'll notice all of my monkeys have knots in the the tails. I've been asked why and there is really no reason other than I put it there. These are all Monkey 1.0, I'm thinking if I advance to Monkey 2.0 I may want to give them belly buttons. Again, just because I can.
The monkey on the far right sits atop the fridge of my daughter who lives in Logan so her dog, Flynn can't turn it into a rag. The blue monkey in the middle is in Alaska teasing Cassie. She sits atop the fridge next to the peacock and a moose with only one horn and one eye. Cassie can jump really high. Some addictions are tough to quit, I've lost count of how many monkeys I've stuffed. There appears to be no end in sight as the sock colors keep changing. They are not tough to make, just check out my pinterest board for instructions. 
Shhh! Don't tell anyone but this monkey is going to Georgia's grandson to be born in June. Until next time find something that makes you smile and do it alot.

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