Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's the best thing to wear?

I'm frequently asked, "what should I wear?" Start by choosing something comfortable that you can move in so you can be positioned and posed so you look your best. Next choose between "uniform" everyone wearing the same thing and "casual" looking better than normal with your hair combed etc. Also avoid "fussy". No big bows, ruffles, labels or loud lettering to distract from the main subject, you and your family. If you wanted a picture of great clothing than you should probably buy a catalog. The second most frequent question is "when should I have my picture taken?" The easy answer is when the light is the most even without harsh brights and deep shadows. ?What?!? The best is a cloudy day but since clouds often hold rain and are difficult to predict as this family well knows since they were forced to reschedule because of our unusually wet weather, the next best thing is early morning or late evening. So get outside and "frame" some memories.

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