Saturday, January 30, 2010

What to do about a collective personality....

This cucumber/squash actually grew in my garden, this is not the result of photoshop. It often represents how I feel when I am pulled in too many different directions. I'm my own worst enemy because I have alot of varying interests. My interests compound upon themselves very rapidly. It's kind of the old adage if one is good than ten must be better and twenty even better and so on and so on. I've been asked many times (related to my vast library of fitness dvds) which exercise program is the best? My honest and complete answer is the one you will do consistantly. I often joke that I store my fitness dvds next to my cookbooks so all my recipes have already worked out so you don't need to worry about the fat and calories. So pick your aerobics (now called cardio), do resistance training, lift weights, dance, do pilates or any combination but you won't reap the benefit unless you do it. And don't mind me I'm still working on my resolution of gaining 5 pounds, don't worry I'll be successful.

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