Monday, February 1, 2010

Things I've lost....

This is my grandson, James. One day while tending him, I thought he was safely playing in the washroom. Imagine my fright when I entered the washroom and couldn't find him there. The washroom was attached to the garage that was attached to the driveway that was attached to the big bad scary world at large. I couldn't imagine how he could have opened the door that led to the garage and obviously I'm grateful that he didn't. He just opened the dryer door and climbed inside. How many of you have that "super safe, extra special" place that you keep your treasures? I do but that place is more like an expanding deep dark black hole from which things never return. Maybe there is a collective place where all lost items reside until found, maybe like the island for misfit toys in "Rudolph". In case it is a collective and you make it through the black hole before I do, here are a few things I am missing and would like mind (not very big, may be hard to find), my teenage body (okay, I've seen others with this in the past, like Jennifer Aniston ;D), the energy I had as a college student (play all night and study all day) and of course my invincsibility, that feeling of being all powerful without cares or concerns, oh wait, I know where that is my daughter Emily, took it with her to Utah State.

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