Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ever wanted a grand adventure?....

It should be obvious that what is happening in this pictures is just wrong! In my defense, I'm the photojournalist, those are not my fingers. Really given all the opportunities to do something dangerous, this is pretty minor. As I recall, I believe this bear that lives in Puerta Vallarta was missing his teeth, imagine how close I was to check that out? With the recent earthquake in Haiti there has been an outpouring of aid. When I'm not taking pictures, I work as an intermediate care nurse. One of the reasons I became a nurse was to give humanitarian service. I've been in hot pursuit of an opportunity to serve aboard a navy ship acting as a floating hospital. Support of this program has been withdrawn. So to my blog followers, all 2 or 3 of you, if you know of any service opportunities requiring a registered nurse don't hesitate to call the number at the top of the blog. I have a passport and am current on my immunizations, if that's not TMI.

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