Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Have you ever had one of those days?????

Doesn't this picture just make you smile? The emotion is so raw and so real and we've all had days like that. You know those days when your hair won't curl, your 10 minutes late to an appointment so they make you reschedule but you know they will expect you to wait an hour the next time you get there. It's that feeling in your gut when you first realize you are driving on a flat tire. Oh, to be young again when the ease of our problems were handled by someone else. Someone else that would rescue us, remove our sadness and make everything right with the world again. So three cheers to mothers and fathers everywhere. Enjoy your power while they are young. And never reveal that most all of the world's ills can be improved if you eat enough chocolate.


Annette Lyon said...

Oh, to be a baby again and be allowed to break down like that--and know someone else will make it all better!

Alison said...

What a cute kid! She must have cute parents!!! Haha