Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Can you remember anything from 30 years ago?

It's disenhertening to know I have memories fo 30 years ago. Recently I participated in my 30 year High School Reunion (just so you know I am literally younger than all these people because I skipped kinder garten and graduated early) It's a peculiar ritual we subject ourselves too. We visit with people we don't recognize to be reminded of things we'd rather forget. Reunions are all about facing your own personal insignificance.
A reunion is only a success when the people you remember show up. Thanks to Brent for flying in from New York and Brad came from Arizona and Romy from California. It was their collective sacrifice of time and effort that convinced me to attend.
But to Mike and Brendon, Gwen, Barbara and Teresa, what happened to you? Can we count on you in 10 years? Reunions are all about reconnecting if for no other reason then to remember why you lost touch in the first place.

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The Slaughter 5 said...

I can say this because I don't know any of these other people...You really do look younger than all of them! Oh, and your necklace is awesome. :)