Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why we need a "watch dog"....

We have a working relationship with the local racoons, they sneak into our yard at night and dig up the grubs that would otherwise turn our lawn that unsightly brown. We also have a dog that sleeps in the backyard at night. She is mostly if not entirely deaf, so we have had no problems with the wildlife grub police sneaking in. Our dog is so deaf in fact, that an actual prowler was seen climbing our deck stairs to our backdoor (the deckstairs pass over her dog house) to check to see if our door was locked. Happy ending it was! I'm sure the dog does not realize that a raccoon is dangerous wildlife because she suffers from a severe case of "little dog" syndrome. She's only ferocious when she has obvious backup or if she wants to annoy our cat. Sometime around 3 a.m. (because that is when all the growling and barking started) this little critter was "tree'd" by our ferocious dog. Won't she be surprised when she finds the cat asleep in his bed in the garage? Now what to do with a baby racoon in the the backyard tree? Any suggestions?

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