Monday, February 7, 2011


      No matter how crazy life seems the beauty can always be found in the simple things. As you may have noticed this blog is in a state of transition. I'm still taking pictures, my current projects include some fashion photography for my daughter. She wants to score a front page view on a sewing blog. It's fun to work with her again. She was married and away from home before I started my photograpy business so it's fun to see it benefit her life now. Few of you may know that I also write fiction. I'm currently working on a romantic suspense novel with a hospital theme. Gee, I wonder where that comes from? I'm also having so much fun in my other business. I write and send cards. Cards of humor, celebration, sympathy and just because I can. On another burner, I'm working on the final details of serving a humanitarian mission, and that has been like the wild toad ride at Disneyland with a little more elevation and death defying drops. So enjoy what life brings you, capture a memory. This picture was shot with a large f-stop so the background would blur. Have a great day, unless of course, you have something else planned.

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