Monday, January 31, 2011

What's a photo blog without photos?

So gang, like many bloggers out there, my life is it's own form of barely controlled chaos. I'm overwhelmed with all the many opportunities in my life. After about a month of computer technology headaches I've resumed blogging. I've happened upon an opportunity to make extra money, and I don't mean just a little money. I mean the kind of money that you quit your day job for. Maybe not right away, but on the horizon in 2-5 years I could be independently wealthy. And it's not exclusive, I could take all of my readers with me. So I ask myself, what is the big hold up? Grab the brass ring and go for it. I bump smack dab into the boundaries of my comfort zone. My belief system never allowed me to expect wealth, much less dream of it. We are afterall the sum of our own beliefs. The very foundation upon which I have based many of my life goals and daily decisions is being challenged. So I guess my question is if you had the opportunity to get into a mlm on the ground level in a stable company that you believed in, would you do it? If so, where does your courage come from and if not, what is preventing you? I know the outcome if I do nothing, it's the unknown if I do something that has me thoughtful today.

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