Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to school

Labor Day can be felt around the country. It's the day that every child groans because summer has officially ended. It's also the day that every mother sighs because her children are back in school. One of the rites of being back in school is school pictures. Every mother everywhere cringes. It's that one size fits all, with no control over what happens to the hair once you send it to school on the head of your child. It's so notoriously bad that "re-takes" are scheduled before the first photo is taken. Now if you like gambling on the 50 50 chance that you will get something back that both and you and your child alike can agree is good, read no further. If you think all backgrounds should be the same, again I have no solution for you. If your child really doesn't have a personality to highlight and a one shot deal is the best you can hope for. Again, you should be done reading. However, if you want some creative control on what your child is wearing, how their hair looks and what kind of background you want in your pictures then continue to read. And if you want the added option of 2 outfits, one that appeals to your child and one that conversely appeals to you then this is your opportunity.
I have selected 2 days for my Back to School picture Special. This is a great deal for families. As always, you will receive a CD of images and a copyright release so you can print your own portrait packages wherever you choose. I think 1 8x10, 2 5x7's and 8 wallets costs about $3.00 at costco and $10.00 at walmart. The first sibling in your family has a sitting fee of $30.00 and each additional sibling is only $10.00. The entire family will be downloaded to one CD. You will get more than one view, no need for retakes and also have the opportunity to have your children photographed together in a group. 

This year I will be taking "school photos" on Saturday September 24 and Thursday September 29. The Saturday location will be Lomond View Nursery and Gardens in Pleasant View. Detailed instructions will be available when you book.

All children, whatever age in your family are welcome to participate. You are welcome to bring props, dress them in their halloween costume for one of the pictures, whatever. I usually can shoot 3-4 children with clothing changes in about 45 minutes so it won't take alot of time away from your day.

More questions can be answered when you call 801-737-1303 to book your back to school pictures. Now it may be possible that I have picked your two worse days in the history of school starting. Have no fear. I will honor this offer from Sept. 15- Oct. 15. I only ask that if you choose an "off" day that you invite your friend, co-worker, sister, neighbor to book on that day as well. Thanks, now let's get booking.


ekl said...

Great idea...
I wish you lived closer. Is your price $30 for the first kid and then $10 for the next few? I read that part a couple of times and wasn't sure if that was the walmart price or your price. Wait a second I just read it for the 4th time (In your package)... the first sibling is $30... additional $10... right?
Sounds like a great offer!

jeannine said...

that comment was from me