Saturday, November 12, 2011

Yikes!! You mean I'm not really a super-hero.

Oh, how quickly have I lost my habit of writing every day or even every week. I was recently asked what "super-hero" I would be. It caused me to pause. I'd like some of those really clever tools, like an invisible plane and a lariat of truth and wonder woman of course was blinged out with those bracelets that could stop bullets. The whole climb buildings and flinging webs really works for spider man and of course bat man has that really tricked out automobile and an assistant named Robin. I think the first thing on my super power list would be language. While serving in Peru this last spring I came to several truths...1) the spanish I learned in high school while studying the male wild life in the class is not the same spanish spoken in Peru or any other spanish speaking area for that matter. 2) No matter how loud and slow you repeat the same phrase in spanish, if I don't know the words, I still won't be able to translate them. 3) I wasted alot of time learning things that have not served me well, like the lyrics to many songs popular in the 70's and 80's. 4) Fashion is relative. Somewhere I am a smokin' fashionista. It may be a once a year 80's party but I can truly work that look.
So back to my super-hero powers, how about to look better than I already imagine I do? It's always shocking to see pictures of myself, because I do a pretty good self-talk. So in the interest of not hurting my own feelings, I'm thinking I should ban all personal pictures. So if you take a picture of me, I would like my super power to step in and make me younger, thinner, and whatever adjective works that day. If I can't have that power, maybe, I should just step on your camera? What super power do you want?

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Georgia said...

I don't know what photos you are looking at. You are outstandingly beautiful (I LOVE your hair) and when your fun personality is added in, Lisa, you are the whole package (and not just at the 80s party).

As for superhero power, I would fly. Sometimes I dream that I can fly and it always ROCKS!