Thursday, April 26, 2012

Have a teenager suffering from "senior-itis"?

Remember that magical time in your life when you knew everything, felt like a super hero and couldn't wait to take on the world? By world I mean bills, taxes and voting. My daughter had a really bad case of senior-itis. As parents we had confined her with too many rules, curfews and expectations. She couldn't wait to move out of the house and have ultimate freedom. She soon learned that ultimate freedom is not free and now as a single adult she must govern herself. She has to create expectations etc. and motivate her own self out of bed when the alarm goes off. So just like the Genie in Aladdin...(he had ultimate power but a teeny-tiny living space) she has ultimate freedom to come and go as she pleases but she also has the bills that go with them.

In the interest of celebrating seniors everywhere, I mean the kind that are graduating from High School, not the kind that qualify for AARP, I have created a senior portrait special. Any senior with up to 2 clothing changes at one location for up to one hour is $60.00. This includes the CD, copyright release and even 2-3 collages depending on how the muse hits me as I am editing. Anyone game? I'm scheduling sessions now, call soon. If you want to book with a friend, because two is always more fun than one I will discount each of your packages by $10.00, so call now. And good luck with your amazing future, may it be all the things you have ever wanted it to be.

Names will be included on your personal collages, just not on my blog. ;D

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