Friday, April 13, 2012

Do what makes you happy...

After many vacation trips to southern California, I mistakenly thought I had done all there was to do. Well with the exception of Legoland, but that's another post. Imagine, my wonder at finding "The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch".  Over the course of nearly 100 years of floral cultivation and several relocations the Flower Fields are open to the public but only from March 1 to May 13. And when you get there, this is what you will see...

These are ranunculus. Originally the flowers were single petal, ranging in colors limited to red and yellow. Through the careful cultivation of Edwin Frazee, the superior ranunculus of the Flower Fields blooms in thirteen beautiful colors. As you can imagine, many pictures have been taken in the Flower Fields.  Mr. Frazee was not impressed with all the picture takers. He once commented, " If I had one penny for every picture that's been taken of those fields, I'd be a rich man." And in deed  he would be. So here's what I got for my 6 cents worth.

You are awestruck by the 50, yes 50 acres of growing flowers. They are set in rows like all gardened things. A row of yellow, purple, white, etc. Bright ribbons of color across the landscape. Walking among them you just have to smile and be happy.
So if the opportunity presents itself that you spend spring break in Southern California, take a break from the salt scent of the ocean, the whale splash zone and the crowd wearing mouse ears and breathe in the floral scent of acres of blossoms, blooming because they were created that way. I promise you will walk away smiling.

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