Saturday, May 12, 2012

I suffer from DIY syndrome...

I suffer from "do it yourself" syndrome. Really I'm just cheap. So the projects at my home are never ending. My daughter is due to have a baby in August. She showed me some very cute baby pictures on pinterest. I'm not sure if she was loving the newborn or the little moose cap he wore. So seeing as I'm a photographer and all, I wondered where I could get that cute little moose cap. Isn't the internet a wonder? So after a few google searches I found this delightful web host. (or something, I don't speak computer tech very well) called There for a small fee you can get instructions nearly instantly by paying a small fee with your paypal account. And if you join, they will even keep a "library" of the patterns you have purchased.
So sign me up and one trip to walmart, scrounging for some buttons etc. I came up with this...

Now granted, this is not a moose. And imagine it looking cuter with a brand new baby head resting underneath it. My advice for all those others suffering from DIY syndrome, there should be a pill for that. And if you go to Etsy it's entirely possible you can find someone to do this for you. As for me? I remember seeing a really cute little owl and possibly a skunk. It would do me no good to freeze my credit cards because paypal remembers them for me.


Georgia said...

I obviously don't get on blogger enough these days. I totally missed this cute post until today.

Lisa, you are a wonder. I am constantly amazed at all you do--at all you can do AND all you do.

This is absolutely adorable! I can imagine this little koala headband with a newborn head resting underneath it, but I really want to see an actual photo of that!

Love you!!

jeannine said...

It is now JUNE. You have not posted since last MONTH! What s the deal? I know you are busy, but I miss you!