Saturday, May 12, 2012

What I love most about taking pictures....

I love creating memories. When I'm out "shooting" families, I find that they fall into 2 different categories. The one I struggle with the other I enjoy. I struggle whenever a family has unreasonable expectations. Cranky babies are never featured on hallmark cards. 3 year olds will always rumble their shirts and fall in the dirt. That's life. No worries. It's what happens. If you desire that kind of portrait, hire an artist to immortalize you the way you want in oils on canvas. You not only stress me out but you stress out your family as well. And they kind of family I really enjoy? The realistic ones. The ones that are capturing a memory. Not every hair has to be in place. Matching is optional and please show your personality.

It's a great time to get your family pictures before you are too busy this summer. Call me, let's set something up. (Notice the "blogspot" on the pictures, that is my not too clever way to protect the pictures from being hijacked and placed in other venues without proper credit.) Have a great day and make a memory. Remember as far as everyone else is concerned... YOU are part of a NORMAL family.

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