Saturday, October 20, 2012

A moment to celebrate

For the first time in months we can pull one car into our two car garage. Sadly, it will be omnths more before two will fit.
Now before you think this a recovery episode of "Hoarders", this stuff stored in my garage was not mine and it was not invited, it was made homeless when we got renters for Mom's house and had no where else to go.
When mom passed away she left 2600 sq. feet of stuff to be organized, sorted, stored, given away or treasured. With the exception of the freezer, a computer, a queen size mattress and some other furniture that my brother's family could use immediately, everything else has taken up residence in my garage.
At one point even with the garage door up 10 inches our cat couldn't get in or out of our garage. One day, out of necessity a neighbor had to enter my home when I wasn't there. She was making tracks for my bedroom on a day I hadn't planned on visitors. One of my family secrets is I rarely make my bed on any day of the week that has a "s" in it or Monday or Friday. I knew my neighbor would see my unmade bed. That didn't alarm me as much as knowing she would have to pass through my garage first.
It's tough to absorb all of one house into another home. We've got foil, wax paper, powdered milk and toilet paper, enough for a month of family reunions. Mom bought in bulk to use her coupons and there was only one of her.
We used many methods to empty the garage. We put it on KSL, had a garage sale, gave it away and even considered door bell ditching it like you do your garden zucchini. Well, maybe we did abandon that one chair on Katie's porch. In fact we left it out one sunday morning while we attended church and came home to one less kitchen chair to out dinette set. It would have been really tempting, it had wheels on the bottom. I imagine by now guilt has caused it to be abandoned. We may find it when they dredge the canal 2 blocks down. I bet it was a great ride.
So I'm embracing my crowded garage and hopin you call all assist me. There's still some really great stuff out there. Need a chair, table, china cabinet, television, book case? Call me. PLEASE.

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jeannine said...

nice to see you are back blogging!