Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Success with pinterest?

Per mamakats blog I have been challenged to report on a pinterest idea I tried. And I've been hinting about a recent project following pinterest instructions, well more or less.
Mama’s Losin’ It

It all started when I couldn't find a certain accessory in a light fabric with alot of turquoise. Not that I'm the best shopper in the world anyhow and not that I was any where near fashion capitals. (St.Louis, Missouri and Bozeman, Montana) It started like this...
It was described as a "delicate tangle of threads". It required a water soluble stabilizer 18x60. Mine was "wash and gone" 22x72 because the lady at the fabric store couldn't figure out what 5 ft. was in yardage. Anyhow, that's the "less" part of me following directions. Note the scraps of yarn, ribbon etc.

You make a "sandwich" with your stabilizer, placing ribbons etc. between the two bread layers.
Then you start sewing. Back and forth and back and forth. A great first project if you want to teach straight lines. Throughout all the sewing I kept thinking of the farmer on his tractor creating straight rows in his field whenever he focused on the tree and less straight when he focused on the meandering cow. I focused alot on the meandering cow. But this project is very forgiving.
Once you sew it one direction, you get to sew it the other way. This took 3 spools of thread and 6 bobbins before I was done. Both threads show in your project so they should coordinate with your ribbons.
Added some embellishment once the the grid sewing was done. Then you add water and it becomes a science project.
Water dissolves the "wash and gone" so that all you are left with is threads.
I let it dry overnight, after soaking it thoroughly.
And there you  have it. A light and airy turquoise scarf. I'm thinking it needs a fringe, how about you?


Corinna @ The Sweet Spot Blog said...

Wow. That turned out great!

Mary Johnson said...

So pretty! What a wonderful job and I don't think you need fringe (maybe sparkles?!?)

kaye said...

wow--that was amazing. I love how it turned out. I agree it needs a fringe. kaye—the road goes ever ever on

Amber said...

The fringe would be perfect! That is a really cool project, it looks a little labor intensive?