Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Need is the "mother" of invention

So I'm a collector. I'm not real fussy about what I collect, but I kind of like excess in most all things. But that is another confession. So I had more jewelry than I knew what to do with. I had a very dear friend that for a time created me one of a kind semi-precious stone jewelry. I have bracelets, earrings and necklaces, oh my. Last year for Christmas I took a number of them that I planned to "retire" and invited my daughters to take the one they liked the best. I mean why wait until I'm gone to "cash" in on my goods, right? It's way more fun for me to see them wearing them while I'm alive then after I'm gone, I'm guessing. So anyhow, that didn't really reduce my inventory by very much.
So on any given day, this is the pile up on my dresser. I tried to condense it, organize it, make it more presentable.
I invested in ice cube trays, but the clutter continued. So then I was inspired by something I saw on pinterest, but I made a few modifications as you will see.
This is the end product, it's nearly finished. I just need to hang it on the wall. Here's how it was done. Notice I didn't say, how I did it? Because I relied heavily on my handy husband.
These are stretcher boards that you find in the craft store in the painting supply aisle. You purchase the sides individually so you can create any size you want. A little wood glue and a rubber mallet and they are all snug waiting for the next step.
This is your regular go to the feed store and buy chicken wire, chicken wire. It comes in 24 foot lengths, which had my handy husband considering chickens as a side hobby because he didn't want the extra to go to waste.

Next came the creative part. I used a mixed media approach to decorating the wood stretcher boards. By mixed media, I mean that I couldn't decide so I just experimented with tissue paper, cotton fabric and scrap book paper. All secured under a layer of modpodge, just because.
I had hinges on one side and this fun little clasp to keep it closed on the other side.
And so now I have no fuss way to hang all my bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The great thing about the chicken wire is the holes are big enough you can get your fingers through to connect anything you want. Now about that empty space on my dresser? I wonder what could go there?


thefavoritedaughter~ said...

mom this is gorgeous!! and i didnt even know about it til i saw it on pinterest.

Georgia said...

That is completely awesome, Lisa! Way to go being creative again.