Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Surviving an overnight stay at the Denver Airport

On a recent visit to Missouri I had more adventure than I planned for. It started with responding to a "sick emergency" during flight where I was more than likely expected to the one strain of flu virus I am not immunized against, but that is another post.
On my return flight I had planned for a one hour layover in Denver and arriving home at about 11:30 p.m. Standing at the appropriate Gate in Denver though I learned that my flight was delayed. Delay is good, it happens. Denver was experiencing the weather phenomenon known as snow and ice and I had already spent an extra half hour in the air doing right hand turns waiting for permission to land. The slipping and sliding on the runway on landing was marginal. So since recovering from the "flu" my stomach was empty and somewhat interested in the offerings to be had. Being cautious though I really wondered just how "fresh" fresh was at 10:30 p.m. and chose to remain hungry instead.
As you go through life you often wonder if you will ever have to use anything you learn in school. In the defense of algebra I use it all the time in delivering the correct dosage of medicine. I've often puzzled over the whole point of word math problems though. You know the ones that start with a train pulling out of the station in Chicago and you walking across the tracks in Springfield, Indiana 4 days later and whether or not you will hit by a train. I've always surmised if you didn't look both ways before crossing the tracks then it's your own fault. In any case, I have proof that airline professionals didn't get the point of word problem math either. My plane was leaving Toronto at 11p.m. to meet me in Denver and have me board by 1:40 a.m. (the delayed time). It's a 4 hour flight from Toronto. With my limited understanding of algebra I can figure out that "x" is 3:00 a.m. That's when you start to get that niggling feeling that maybe you aren't getting on a plane anytime soon.
So since the wait would be longer than I anticipated I chose to focus on my dental hygiene. Retrieving the toothpaste from the interior of my roller bag I realized that I have not secured my unmentionables as well as I should in their zippered pouch. Once secured, I drag my roller bag past two waiting areas feeling like "all that and a bag of chips". Standing at the sink, brushing my teeth I'm startled by the bright blue sock balled up on the floor. It looks just like one that I wear. Further investigation reveals it is my sock and while I secured my unmentionables, I did not however secure the entire suitcase and dragged it flapping open into the bathroom. That's got to be better than dragging toilet paper on your shoe out of the bathroom right?
Sleeping overnight in an airport is mostly impossible. Is there some reason why all the chairs are so uncomfortable? Is it so we will find the seating arrangements on the plane such an improvement?  Since no one has ever died from one sleepless night, I survived. Probably as well as my daughter, taking care of her infant. Sleeping like a baby means waking every three hours with wet pants. And so how did you sleep Monday night?


Georgia said...
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Georgia said...

Oh, Lisa, you make me laugh!

Thanks for the church-bench version on Sunday morning, but your blog version is pretty funny!

I'm glad you're home. I'm happy you survived the flu. I'm relieved you lasted through all the legs of your flight. I hope you've had several good night's sleep since then.