Tuesday, February 26, 2013

4 wheel drive does not mean 4 wheel STOP

So we've been enjoying some warm March temperatures and looking forward to an early spring. With a winter storm forcasted I drove my 4 wheel drive to work and almost all the way back home. During a period of time that only lasted mere seconds but felt alot longer than that, I turned my vehicle into a daring adventure like ride better suited for Lagoon.
While driving due west, more or less as the road curves, on Pleasant View Drive I had the most amazing opportunity to get a 360 degree view of all parts south including the canal. Seeing as one near doughnut and recovery had been so much fun I then had the opportunity to inspect all parts north until I stood on the break with both feet and jumped the curb, but missed the power pole and the chain link fence and the lovely ancient pine tree.
The good news, after enlisting the help of a police officer with a hitch and a tow rope and a second one to block off the busy street (that had been as quiet as a ghost town while I did my best ballet moves with my car) I popped right back over the curb, none the worse for wear.
Here is evidence that I left the road sideways as the tire tracks are not as wide as the front of my car. This was lots scarier at night, and in the snowing conditions I had no idea I was that close to a house.
The midsection of my car straddled the curb. When I got out of my car I expected to drop into the snow bank but instead I was supported by the curb. Here is the chain link fence that I missed.

And this is all the damage I did to the car. And now I'm even more looking forward to spring.

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