Saturday, December 28, 2013

What to spend your gift cards on...

As many of you are aware, I LOVE to read. I would prefer to write, but my life doesn't allow me that opportunity just now, so instead I read. I recently reviewed this anthology at the request of author, Heather B. Moore. I enjoy her writing so I was happy to participate. Here is what I have to say....

 The beauty of a volume like this is each story is just long enough to be an escape from the pressures of your everyday life. An excellent gift for anyone with a cramped lifestyle that doesn’t allow for long periods of un-interrupted reading. ie; everyone I know.

In “A hound dog named Elvis” by Heather Horrocks you will follow the love story of Lindsey Taylor and Joshua Moore. She pursued her career instead of him but their twin dachshunds, Elvis and Priscilla will have them reconsidering their match.

“Eye for an Eye” by Stephanie Black is a mystery that has Darian Thomas attempting to care for and protect a college student, Mallory Ingram, who he comes to know from her predawn janitorial shift at his office. Her life seems to unravel when she receives a text message that says, “Nelson Sanders is dead.”

“First Heist” by Heather Moore lets you get to know Omar Zagouri and Mia, both undercover agents in Jerusalem. You can’t help but smile when you read Omar’s advice to Mia….”Relax, the impact will break fewer bones if you’re relaxed.” Mia is searching for those responsible for a car bomb and Omar is recovering Olympian artifacts when they discover they work very well as a team. And if you love this short story you will also enjoy, “Finding Sheba”.

Some things are just meant to be as you will discover when reading “Letter for Two” by Sarah M. Eden. A Phoenix bungalow, converted into 2 apartments are the homes of Sophia Davis and Ethan Williams who make a habit of returning each other’s mail at the end of the day. Until they receive a letter postmarked in 1953 that belongs to neither of them but takes them on a journey to granting the wish of their hearts.

“Silver Cascade Secrets” by Rachelle J. Christensen has you getting your hands dirty with Jill Warren as she plants bulbs in the Silver Cascade City Park. Misplaced car keys provide the opportunity for her to meet Travis Banner and together they look for clues to the murder of Travis’s brother-in-law Craig. This novella has the added bonus of recipes you can try.

Next comes, “Chocolate Obsessed” by Annette Lyon. Whitney is chagrined to share time in the chocolate booth at the New York Chocolate Show with her rival Stephen of Snow View Lodge. Anything with chocolate in the title has to be good right? With the beautiful and interesting backdrop of Central Park and Ellis Island Whitney with the help of her rival Stephen, evades Jeremy Stoddard whose threatening emails have advanced to physical threats.

By tasting small novels by each of these authors you may find a new favorite. And then you can advance from appetizers to larger entrees with their regular novels.

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