Saturday, June 19, 2010

Planning or Serendipity?

So in the world of photography, Ansel Adams is a well-known landscape artist. He took pictures with real film cameras back in the day of black and white. It's reported that he would spend a year watching for just the right light and composition of clouds before creating his master pieces. He paid attention to the details of light, angle of the sun etc. I take pictures in the moment. These bridals were taken on a less that calm day, we gave up on the veil because we couldn't anchor it tight enough to the brides head (left my stapler at home, dang it). So we took advantage of the movement and highlighted all the layers of the brides dress. Notice she's grinning ear to ear? Better than crying, that just gets mascara dripped on a perfect white dress. So I don't fault Ansel Adams, I just choose different methods and work within the elements that I am granted. So as for planning, I choose the spontaneous, creative, surprise. Every out take can be made artistic with the right presentation.

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