Monday, September 20, 2010

Can't you "photo-chop" it all?

I spend at least as much time editing pictures as I do taking them. Sometimes this is guided by my personal need to "tweak" them, change the angle, add an overlay, in general fix them in some way. Commonly, after making a few general tweaks, such as removing an errant hair, buffing the glare from glasses or making an unsightly blemish less noticeable, I am asked "why don't you just remove all the imperfections?" Like someone who gets serial plastic surgery, when then would I stop? Perfection is for models, not your family. Your family is real, they are fallible and because of that real. Here's a tip though, in the event that you have a breakout on the day of your pictures, refrain from heavily covering it up. I promise all you are doing is drawing attention to the wad of make-up on your face. It can be tough to "photo-chop" out. Instead, use toothpaste. Really, I'm not making this up. I choose toothpaste that is white in color, but others may work as well. Besides this doesn't burn like when you use preparation H on your face, information for a different blog. It's best if you have overnight to work with. A light smear of toothpaste will reduce the redness and make the swelling of inflamed tissue go down and besides your face will smell minty fresh. Small less noticeable redness is very easy to "photo-chop", giving you the best representation of your face in your pictures. This is a temporary solution, to really treat inflamed acne it's best to seek a dermatologist.

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