Monday, September 20, 2010

Why you can't slip uncle bob into the picture...

Another fun thing to "photo-chop" is people that forgot to show up to your family photo shoot. Really, if they are missing, bring a cardboard cut-out because that will look as real as any other option. The planets must be in absolute alignment for a doctored picture to be added in. The biggest give away is difference of white balance. This relates to the type of natural light at your photo shoot, it changes as the sun follows it's pre-ordained path across the sky, so even two pictures taken on the same day may not blend well because of lighting. Another give away is focus, depending on lense length some areas in a photo are more "sharp" then others. All of these must match to make a believeable composition. All that being said, is there a photo in this post or the one that preceded that has been "photo-chopped" beyond my normal tweaking? I never give up my secrets, but I will confess that my hair-color comes from a box.

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