Friday, October 22, 2010

Just sounding off about the consequences of your actions...

The beauty about authoring a blog is you have your very own soap box. You can sound off about whatever you want. Plus if you post great pictures of someone's kids, people will come to your blog. THey may not read but they will look. So here's my message. Not every consequence of an action is negative. For years environmentalist prevented the building of the legacy highway. It was too close to marshes and wetlands. It would destroy habitat for nesting birds. After countless legal battles and enormous court fees were paid, the Legacy Highway was built. And did the birds suffer as predicted, as feared? No. They flourished and why? Because the Legacy Highway evened the odds between predator and prey. The raccoon population that feasted on bird eggs couldn't cross the highway without being reduced to a series of roadkill speed bumps. Now before I'm accused of being a raccoon hater, which I'm not. It's just the consequence of the highway. Unfortunately, the raccoon doesn't have an environmental group to champion it's survival. So now should we address caribou and the Alaska pipeline? The heat from the pipeline has provided warm shelter (it's above ground). Go figure. Do something nice for someone so they can wonder waht you're up to.

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