Friday, October 22, 2010

What not to do with a one year old

This one year old didn't get the memo about the type of pictures his mother had planned. I always say "lower your expectations and then you won't be disappointed." Not every day is a day for smiles. If you want smiles everyday then hire actors. These are pictures that mom and grandma love now. They are also valuable keepsakes to remember the days of toddler-hood. While you experiance them you are sure they are terminal and the prognosis is poor. But all too soon years pass and children do that unbelieveable thing called "growing up" and then you miss those days when the worst thing you had to deal with was teething and temper tantrums. Stay in the moment and really cherish all the feelings you feel. Joy, sorrow, frustration, and whatever your are feeling today. Make a memory.

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