Thursday, January 6, 2011

The real resolutions for 2011

After careful consideration I have come up with 5 things to improve my life this year. 1) Find the joy again. So many fun things have become chores. I want them to be fun again. A little bit less planning and more serendipity. 2) Find my balance. And I don't mean my checking book balance but that place in your life where you feel centered and comfortable. Things aren't perfect but nothing is in total chaos either. 3) Eat less, enough said. 4) Move more, goes with number 3. and 5)Thank people more. Kind of goes with Salt Lake City's mayors plan to teach civility. I'm part of a great home business that allows me to send cards from home. I have access to this amazing card catalog and I can use a font created to match my handwriting and use my actual signature. It just makes it so fun and so easy. I think of someone I want to share a message with and seconds later, it's addressed, stamped and waiting to be mailed. It's great! You can check it out by going to It really is a blessing in my life. Happy New Year one and all. May all of your lives be abundantly blessed.

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