Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My husband thinks he's funny...

   Kudos to Jean for writing a suspenseful book, my favorite. My husband has been known in our family history for his less than stellar gift giving abilities, especially for our anniversary. I think the 20th anniversary is a big deal, I spent mine at Shopko (think box store with less millions than Walmart) So this year he made a big effort and "The Assignment" by Jean Holbrook Mathews was one of the items he gifted me with. Just so you know this is a spoiler alert...one of the main characters is a red-headed nurse who travels overseas to participate in a humanitarian effort. And she is KIDNAPPED!!! So after the Navy has me a little freaked out about learning survival, evasion and recovery skills my husband just pores fuel on the flames. Just for those of you reading this without really knowing me....I'm a red headed nurse headed overseas to participate in a humanitarian effort. Really? My husband thinks he is SO funny. My daughter told me to use it like a horoscope, you know the first 5 pages for the first day etc. I'd liked it better when I was only worried about being seasick and claustrophobic, now I must consider all potential hostage situations too. It's not too late, maybe I should dye my hair.

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