Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What would I ask a psychic?

Mama's Losin' It

So my writing prompt this week...was what would I ask a psychic?
      In just under 3 weeks I will set out for an opportunity to serve a humanitarian project aboard a Navy Ship in seas in and around South America. After anti-terrorism, human trafficing and survival, evasion and recovery training, I guess the first thing I should ask is if I make it back to my family? But maybe what I really want to know is how will I die? My grandmother always told me I was morbid. I don't really want to know the details or even the time of death. I just want to know if I prepared my family.
    I work as a nurse and see families face death all of the time. (Not, because I'm their nurse.) I have more than once asked my children what they would prefer, because in my arrogance I think I will get to choose or something. Should I go suddenly, without any warning? Like the result of a traffic accident or something less likely like a random shooting etc.? Or would they prefer a diagnosis with say a 6 week prognosis? No chance of recovery. In one, the grief would be sharp like a knife. The other there would be time to get my affairs in order and say my good-byes or good riddances. And my family could do the same.
   I've always told my children that if I was diagnosed with progressive dementia, I would be crazy right away. I would want to have fun doing crazy things while I could still remember it and realize all the people I was shocking. So morbid or not, I guess I would want the psychic to tell me how much time I had left with my family. Obviously, less time today than I had yesterday.

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