Thursday, March 17, 2011

What inspires me?- photo journal entry

    What inspires me? I'm inspired by many things but the one word answer would be nature. Sure nature is beautiful but what inspires me is the consistancy of change.
    Nature re-invents itself every moment of every season. When the ice of winter gives way to the first buds of spring, the ice is no less beautiful just different.

    Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the sun-ripened raspberry is no more or no less beautiful than the gentle slope and curve of a firm pumpkin.
   Our very lives are a reflection of nature as we re-invent ourselves. We begin life as children. The seasons change and we are siblings, friends and spouse. The long season of parenthood may beel terminal some days just like the deep frost of winter. EAch day so very similar to the day before. I remember thinking raising toddlers was much like being pecked to death by a duck, not very effective, moderately painful and most likely I'd live through it.
     THen the season re-invents itself and the next is empty. This seaso exposes all the interest held in reserve for the "next" season. You experiment with being a photographer, writer and entrepreneur still thethered by an apron string to your children because children always need mothering.
    Yes, nature inspires me because no matter the season there is purpose and beauty. It reminds me to bend with the ebb and flow of life.

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