Thursday, April 7, 2011

If you really knew would know....

     If you really knew me you would know my father served in the military so I'm punctual and patriotic to a fault. I value and respect the sacrifice that allows me to live free.
     I married my friends high school sweetheart. Her loss is my gain.
     I'm the mother of 3 amazing daughters and 1 awesome son.
     I remember television (one per household) that didn't come with a remote. I remember rotary phone dials and I wore bell bottom pants before they were retro.
     I like peanut butter with my chocolate unless it's dark chocolate, then I prefer peppermint.
     I don't have a split personality but I am a registered respiratory therapist/registered nurse/ photographer etc. I just can't decide who I'll be when I grow up.
     I conquered my fear of heights on a zipline in Puerta Vallarta. I'm looking forward to challenging my fear of water, seasickness and claustrophobia while serving aboard the USNS Comfort.
      And like all creative people I crave feedback, expecially adoration. So don't be shy. Leave a comment and check out the other writers @ Mama's Losin' It


Jenna said...

Im glad to stop by on the mamakat linkup and learn more about you! I remember tv's with no remote too.. and I also have 3 daughters and a son :)

Georgia said...

I wasn't raised in a military family, but I still consider myself punctual and patriotic. I remember the same things growing up except my mother didn't allow me to wear bell bottoms or even denim except when doing chores. Our phone was rotary, but we were also on a party line so we had to listen for our 'ring' which was one long and one short tone. If we picked up any of the other rings, it wouldn't be our conversation to be listening to.

I love chocolate and peanut butter and dark chocolate and peppermint, but unlike you I'm not trained nor talented in all things you have disciplined yourself to learn and do. Bless you for your patience, your goodness, and your willingness to share of yourself with others. I have benefited from knowing you and count myself blessed by our association.

My best wishes, warm thoughts, and prayers go with you as your board the USNS Comfort and offer comfort to all you come in contact with.