Monday, January 30, 2012

Identify what you really, really want....

I recently attended a workshop for utilizing the law of attraction. The prequel work was to get clear, really clear on what you really wanted. This was hard for me. I have a pretty awesome life already.
When push came to shove here are the things that I wanted more in my life.....
Like everyone else, my goals for this year included losing some weight. You can see that I picked the magic number of 25 lbs. Not so much that I can't rock the body I have, but I do want to be healthier and I think that means slimmer too. I also wanted to take some amazing pictures this year, more brides, love to catch some bears and other wildlife, you get the picture.
Ever since this house has been built, I've wanted to change my kitchen. My children begged me not to get an island bar like our previous home. I gave in and guess what?!? Those dang children grew up, moved away and none of them live here anymore and I'm stuck with their kitchen.
I want to be successful in my "other" business with Send Out Cards so it's represented as well. And I want to travel a little bit, all in the sake of taking great pictures of course. After getting clear with what I really want... an opportunity presented itself. A chance to travel to China. Crazy huh?
Due to other changes in my family, I may not make it to China until 2013, but anticipation is half the fun of traveling. My challenge to you... get clear on what you really, really want and see how quickly it is delivered.

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