Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy "do-over" day!!!

So we celebrate Ground Hog's day today. It's that magical day when we take our meteorologist advice from a ground hog. Ground Hog's day was made famous in cinema as the day that is repeated over and over and over and over until you get it right. Some "do-overs" are much needed. Like second chances to be kinder, more cooperative and pleasant. Some days are best not to be relived. The only thing I know for "certain" is that life is very "uncertain". The miracle in everyday is to try to do more good than bad and to leave people feeling better than how you found them. Best advice I can offer today? Hug someone you love and be nicer than you have to be.
By the way, I know this isn't a ground hog, it's just the best shot of any vermin I have. Have a good day.

1 comment:

Georgia said...

I was swallowing the whole Ground Hog picture thing, you shouldn't have told us it wasn't a real G Hog because most of us wouldn't have known.

I seriously love your advice for living life. I will try to incorporate it every day, not just the do-over days of Feb. 2nd each year.

Love you! Thinking of you! Praying for you!